Your Perfect Recipe to Staying Charged

Perhaps the easiest recipe you’ll ever create, but the most beneficial one for your holiday season. Our guide to keeping your tech devices charged involves two ingredients: chargers and common sense. Follow these easy pieces of advice to maintaining a charged holiday and get ready to snap pics at your family Christmas or videos while on the slopes!

1. The best time to charge your device is during bedtime. Common sense? Maybe, but you’d be surprised at how many forget this easy step before hopping on an early morning plane. Starting your day with a fully charged device prepares you for a full day ahead!

2. Lower the light intensity on your phone. If you find ourself always forgetting this easy step, consider setting auto-brightness so your phone isn’t set too bright while indoors.

3. Bring your own charger to avoid public charging stations. While they’re crazy convenient during a long day of travel, airport charging stations are a haven for online hackers. Brian Markus, president of Aires Security, says, “when someone connects their phone can suck down all of the photos and data, or write malware to the device.”

4. Invest in a reliable portable charger. This one may be our best piece of advice, because who doesn’t need a charger on the go? While these can be purchased from nearly any store, make sure to do your research before in order to get your money’s worth! 

Follow these few battery hacks and experience your fullest holiday yet!

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