Women in Tech Positions

Although it has been 53 years since the Equal Pay Act came into play, women still only hold ten percent of tech positions. For women who hope to lead the charge, only seven percent of investor funding are given to women, with just .2 percent to Black women entrepreneurs. While these numbers are shocking, one can’t help but wonder what has really been the cause for such lack of inclusion.

It seems as though nearly 60 percent of surveyed women felt the need to leave their tech jobs because of demeaning advances by male co-workers. On the flip side, when women are equally supported to lead, they excel. On average, a woman-led tech company has a 35 percent higher return on investment than those that are male-led. Furthermore, a recent study conducted by Forbes notes that even though women tend to receive 50 percent less VC funding, they are still able to generate a 20 percent greater revenue than males with similar startups. 

The change in this industry will come from companies taking action to determine what causes these issues and then make systemic changes. While having a female CEO can continue to open doors for those pursuing a management position in a tech firm, it’s really up to the men to create an equal playing field and inclusive environment. However, CEO and entrepreneur, Shelly Archambeau notes that now is the time for women to pursue careers in entrepreneurship and the tech industry. Women are speaking up and men are taking note.

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