The Must-Have Tech Gadgets of 2016

There are big tech advantages coming in 2016; from life-changing devices to fun robots, 2016 is going to be packed with unique items. Check out the best gadgets available in 2016!

1. Wireless Charging

What it is: Charging on the go without the need of an outlet and regardless if you remember a cord.

Where to find it: First appearances of this tech affordance will be seen at coffee shops and airports in 2016. 

2. Voice-Operated Electronics

What it is: A way to interact with devices that aren’t always keyboard friendly, such as televisions and speaker systems.

Where to find it: Cars, new TV systems and, eventually, Amazon.

3. Electric Cars

What it is: Safer cars that drive via electricity and are largely automated.

Where to find it: Tesla is releasing their first electric, driver-less car for $35,000 at the same time GM begins working on their Bolt EV

4. Wearable Technology

What it is: The latest trend in technology, wearable electronics are seen as Apple Watches and FitBit where users can communicate, access apps, pay on the go and track their fitness.

Where to find it: This new form will eventually make its way to companies like Android, Pebble and Google in 2016.

Stay up to date with the latest tech affordances, and get ready for some big additions to the electronic world in 2016.


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