The Most Powerful Wi-Fi: Eero

eeroAs this is being written, the Internet connection is dwindling down to the last little triangle on the signal connection icon. No matter how closely one sits to the router, reliable Mbps can dwindle from 55 to 5 in a matter of seconds and thus halting any chance of web-surfing or Netflix-watching. Nick Weaver, a recent graduate from Stanford University, took poor Wi-Fi matters into his own hands. eero is a startup with the fastest form of Wi-Fi available. Via eero’s mobile app, the network is set up over the cloud, then tells you what speeds are being reached and where other boxes are needed to be placed in order to receive the best connection. For the best signal, eero suggests boxes very 1,000 square feet. Forbes notes Weaver placing the “signal-hungry connected gadgets” in locations such as “TV set-top boxes, smoke detectors, speakers, phones and game consoles.” How does eero work so well? Through mesh networking, which allows for numerous routes of data transference. Regardless of doors closing or any other form of interference, eero will automatically reroute with another path or alternate frequency band. Gone are the days of restarting routers, Eero will run frequent checks on device connection, network availability, speeds, any form of interference, etc. Stay up to date on eero’s production on their company website, and be ready to purchase your first eero in early 2016!

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