Technology Behind Modern Holiday Shopping

Going shopping in a store, a real tangible store, seems to quickly becoming an adventure of the past. Gone are the days of spending hours bouncing from store to store, getting stuck behind crazed shoppers in line or eating bad mall food as you make a plan for what stores to explore next. Enter online shopping. Now nearly tied with in store shopping, 45% of people prefer shopping online. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be past us, many still need to purchase a few Christmas gifts (or all, if your procrastination is very real). So how is it that when you pull up a search engine, or read an online article, the advertisements are all based around what you bought last month? Forbes broke down the internet mechanics behind your seasonal shopping. Confusing as it may be, your every holiday shopping move may be understood through Application Programming Interface (API) and Master Data Management (MDM). Basically, APA’s “glue” together important information components around a system with other programmers who want to connect together¬† application elements and services. MDM’s are described as a method for IT departments to centralize and link all data to one large file as a common reference point. With these two components, shoppers are able to receive exactly what they want, to wherever they want it to go! With an emphasis on correctness, companies are encouraged to keep their systems updated and accessible. Furthermore, the MDM works to make sure your shopping is fulfilled and with a positive experience as it retains information regarding customer relationships, enterprise resources, data enrichment, etc.

With MDM’s and API’s on your side, holiday shopping doesn’t have to be a dreaded trip to the mall, but done from the comfort of your couch.

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