Meeting the New Faces of Hardin: Morgan O’Leary

Morgan is relatively new to the tech world as she was originally intending on a career in Spanish and politics. However, an article read while studying abroad in Spain changed her mind. The article noted that people who were good at learning multiple languages, could be good at learning computer languages. Morgan had always been the ‘fix it’ kid in our house, so she decided to start learning basics by teaching herself the basics of javascript and ruby while I applied to Dev Bootcamp (an 18 week intensive program designed to take students with little to no experience and turn them into junior developers). At Dev Bootcamp, Morgan learned the fundamentals of Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Javascript and used these skills to help build two apps. When the program ended she went back to school and finished her senior year of undergrad. Post-graduation, Morgan knew she wanted to focus more on coding, so she came to Madison to take courses at the University and found her way to Hardin DD. Morgan is very thankful for the opportunity to work at Hardin and can’t wait to explore different languages to develop her skills further.

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

“Land of Opportunity” by A Great Big World

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?


What is your favorite beer?


What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

Explore the city of Madison

Who would play you in the movie adaptation of your life?

Lily Collins

What is your hidden talent?

I dabble in the harp. (We’re still waiting to hear this cool skill!)

What is something on your bucket list?

Write a novel that’s number one on the New York Times Bestsellers List.

Do you prefer windows, or Mac? Why?

Mac because it’s so much more user friendly, plus it’s just has a sleek and clean look.

What is your favorite video game?

Does Rock Band count? I’m a sick drummer.

If you could add one amenity to the office what would it be?

Soda machine

We’ll get working on that soda machine… in the meantime, we’re excited to have Morgan join the team at Hardin!

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