It’s Time for your Face Lift, Windows 10

Don’t be tricked by Windows 10’s unchanging name: new features will allow for mega changes within Windows devices. Although few differences will be made to the exterior, Microsoft is reporting updates creating a 30% faster boot time than Windows 7 PCs. Because of the change in boot-up time, Microsoft’s update will be extremely beneficial for corporate customers. By creating features that allow Windows 10 to be broadly deployed among organizations, IT managers will be able to control updates on Windows 10 within their business. Microsoft is predicting Windows 10 to be the fastest upgrade for businesses, as it is already the “fastest adoption for any version of Windows in history.”

For the non-business user, Windows 10 boasts updates to target all consumers. Perhaps the most important feature is the “find my device” option, allowing for one to enable and thus trace the last known location of your device. Furthermore, Cortana will now allow for text sending and missed call notifications if you own a Windows phone. Similar to Google’s Chromecast, users can now stream inside Windows 10 to your compatible device without a required setup.

The Windows 10 update is now available for your device.

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