Hardin Soapbox Team to compete in Ohio

Hardin Design & Development is sponsoring a team of our own ambitious developers who have been selected to participate in the Red Bull Soapbox Race on August 29th in Cincinnati, Ohio.  BB7, another Madison-based product development firm known for its elite team of nerds with unprecedented technical strengths is co-sponsoring the team.  As the only team from Wisconsin chosen (probably out of fear, as we all know Wisconsin is greater than Ohio), there is high hope and a long drive ahead for team “Why Not Zoidberg”.

Based on a shared love of Futurama, Ian Powell and Dan Boehm have been leading the construction efforts with design work from Nick Vander Woude.  Their argonaut electrical engineer, Jesse Ransom, is helping the team with his talents and passions for building amazing products. “Bessie” is modeled after the show’s interstellar delivery ship Planet Express, and is being built using Sector67’s collaborative community building space.  Ian has volunteered as daredevil driver of the craft, relying on steeled-nerves to maneuver around hay bales, turn on a slanted ramp, land a 2ft jump, and finally cross the finish line in record time (and hopefully one piece).  Ohio be warned; you’re about to be left in Wisconsin’s intergalactic dust.

Check out some really stellar quotes from the Capital Times article!soapbox

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