From Ford Focus to FordPass

As modern mobility continues to advance, drivers and car companies alike must create innovative ways to ride. Earlier this month, Ford revealed their new mobile application, FordPass. Ford’s focus may seem to have shifted, but many are seeing this new tool as a way to stay relevant in an ever-changing culture.

FordPass is another way for the company to continue priding themselves on having the absolute best customer experience.

This app will have multiple sub-systems, which are currently FordGuides, FordPay and FlightCar. While the application is relatively new and yet to be released on the mobile market, each system offers easy access to a particular technological affordance. Perhaps the best part about Ford’s new app is that majority of its features come free.

FordGuides is similar to an AAA or OnStar assistance feature, but also aids in navigation and restaurant reservation. Essentially, FordGuides is the Siri of car features.

Just as it sounds, FordPay will be a form of payment within FordPass. So far, Ford has partnered with McDonald’s and 7-Eleven, but plan to extend to many fast food chains in the future.

FordPass also offers FlightCar. Basically, this portion of the app allows for users to share or borrow a car whenever traveling. Eventually, Ford plans to extend this use to multi-modal transportation, including ride-shares, trains, bicycles and more.

Eventually, Ford plans to open hubs in major cities to assist with user questions, comments and concerns. Soon Ford will be in control of all your transportation needs, and if the app is as successful as it seems, users will be happy they are.

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