Data Reactivity

“Responsive Design” has been one of the biggest buzzwords in Web Design and I’m predicting “Data Reactivity” becomes just as big.

We’ll define that a site is reactive when it automatically displays new data as it changes in the backend, without having the user press refresh.

So long AJAX!

The word “react” is used because when data in the backend changes, the frontend “reacts” in realtime.

We have implemented Data Reactivity on a new Project of ours “LifeLine Response”

The instant an Alert comes in it sends out a socket to update any browsers connected and is configured for realtime data so one admin will accept an Alert and the other Admin’s will instantly see that and be unable to also accept the alert, to avoid duplication. The administrator is in charge of calling the user to make sure they are OK, if not they will alert the authorities. This feature prevents two administrators trying to contact one person at the same time.

This was done with a technology called Ratchet which is implemented in PHP but Web Sockets are also making an appearance in javascript on node servers with technologies like and mydb

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