Best Android Apps of 2015

Looking for some different apps to add on your new Android smartphone? We’ve compiled a list of our favorites introduced over 2015.

1. Google Play Music

Different from Spotify or Pandora, Google Play offers a free, curated radio for whatever music you’re in the mood for. This app allows for an addition of up to 50,000 songs added to your Android with the ability to stream whenever. 

2.  Camera360

Looking to take some amazing pictures while on vacation this winter? Camera360 offers over 500 filters, one-touch fixing and NFC photo sharing.

3. Mint

It’s always difficult to manage money over the holidays, but Mint promises to do just that. This all-in-one money and budgeting app keeps your expendages all in one place.

4. Chromecast

This app has been sweeping the country over the last year. Purchase the media streaming device and get ready to cast your favorite shows, music and websites from your smartphone to your television!

Check out these best apps of 2015 for your Android and download them today!

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