Avoid the Snow Fail

It’s that time of the year– people all over the world are wondering how to get ride of the crazy amounts of snow they already have, and trying everything they can to prevent more from falling. We’ve looked all over the world for the latest and greatest snow-ventions and here are some of our favorites.

1. The Sugar Beet

No, we’re not in the business of producing alcohol, but we wouldn’t mind growing some sugar beets as extract is being used to pre-treat roads before a big snowfall. Once coated in the beet extract, roads are less likely to obtain ice build up and it’s a much more environmentally friendly option than salt. Bonus: it’s easy to grow so it’s cheap to buy! 

2. A Roomba for Your Snow

As if we haven’t created enough robots to do our chores, this new technology eats your piles of snow then “poops” snow-bricks. Yuki-taro is high-tech, armed with GPS, an internal snow compressor and many other little features to make this cheery looking device worth every penny. 

3. The Human Plow

Perhaps especially pertinent to Madison culture, the use of bicycles as snow plows has started to make an appearance. The creation of “custom-made dual-bike tricycle plow” allows for the removal of snow without the expense of gas or a service. Although rendered useless with larger snowfalls, it’s a great option for smaller, flat driveways!

So before you get worried about the looming snowfall, check out any of these savvy removal options and hunker in for a long winter.


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