AngelList Provides Over $160M in Funding

Creating a startup sans funding is impossible. With millions of companies bidding for the same investors, it becomes difficult for a new company or idea to gain formation. AngelList launched in 2010 and provides options for job-seekers looking to work at startups, and also serves as an introduction board for companies that need seed funding. Their platform– intuitive to the growing needs of entrepreneurial startups– raised over $160 million online in 2015. According to, that’s 56 percent in growth over the last year.

These investments were placed in private rounds and institutional funds with each equating to about 40 percent of deals. How is AngelList so successful? Their recruiting tactic matches potential hires as well as sources funding. Because the entrepreneurship market is consistently growing, the number of people looking for jobs are doubling, with over 250,000 candidates and 548,000 matches generated, according to

Our advice for potential people on the job hunt? brush up on your computer coding skills. AngelList suggests knowing Javascript, HTML, Python and C++ to ensure your future careers in the tech world. 

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